* This is not an offer to sell you a franchise.  An offering is made by prospectus only in the form of a

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Q:    What is the cost of opening a Big Easy Sno-Balls franchise?
A:    Average costs for a ….

Q:    How long does it take to review the Franchise Application after it is submitted?
A:    Our executive team will review you confidential application within 24-48hrs and we will get back to you immediately after the review is complete.

Q:    Will you pick out a location for us?  How long will it take to open my store?
A:    We have a real estate team….

Q:    What is the recommended size of space for my Big Easy Sno-Balls franchise?
A:    800 - 1400 square feet.

Q:    Do you offer franchises outside of Georgia?
A:    Yes, however, we do have preferred states and cities we believe are ideal for a Big Easy Sno-Balls.  Please see our website for a complete list.

Q:    Do you franchise outside the United States?
A:    We are open to the idea, but we currently do not operate any franchises or affiliates outside the United States.

Q:    How much Income will the store generate?  How long does it take to get my invested capital back?
A:    In accordance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Franchise law, we are unable to provide this information or any kind of assumption on these specific topics.

Q:    Do you provide training?
A:    Absolutely, and for your entire staff!   Online training…. On-site training…

Q:    What type of internet presence will my store have?  How is Social Media handled?  Is there an online ordering system?  Will we offer Pickup and Delivery?
A:    National website, online ordering with pickup or delivery options…..Inventory, training materials, etc.

Q:    What marketing support will my store receive? Are there monthly marketing and technology fees?
A:    Marketing plan A…. Local marketing…. Yes, and it costs…

Q:    Do we have to buy all our supplies from BES International, LLC (the franchisor)?
A:    There area few things…. Kit… Flavors…. Then there is a national food distributor (aka Sysco).  To keep quality and consistency at its highest level, we do have certain approved brands for many items.

Q:    How many Big Easy Sno-Balls locations are there in the United States?
A:    Currently we operate 3 affiliate stores in Georgia in Woodstock, Marietta and Atlanta.

Q:    Do you provide financing?
A:    We do not directly provide financing in any way, but we do have relationships with many firms who can help specifically with Franchise financing.

Frequently Asked Questions