From the beginning, Big Easy Sno-Balls set out to be the most colorful, brightest and fun looking place to get a cold icy treat.  It really was that simple; a colorful trailer, a sturdy bench to gather with your friends, an umbrella for some shade and some groovy tunes.  It was a small escape from reality.  Fast forward 13 years later, and we had to really step up our game.  We kept running out of space and parking.  We also were really getting worn out spending our Summers in this super fun, but HOT, little trailer.  So, we decided to open a real store where our staff and our customers could enjoy some cool air-conditioned space while enjoying their treats and catching up with friends & family.

After several years and 3 stores later, this is what we have created today.  A clean, fun, exciting, colorful, "air-conditioned" gathering place with comfortable seating, bathrooms and ample parking that imbibes New Orleans culture and tradition.  Together with our professional designers and team of architects, we believe we have created a destination both you and your customers will enjoy coming to day-after-day.

​* This is not an offer to sell you a franchise.  An offering is made by prospectus only in the form of a

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).​


Every product from Big Easy Sno-Balls has been meticulously created using the finest freshest ingredients available.  Our Sno-Balls are like no other and crafted in the Louisiana tradition of decadence!  We have perfected the process of consistently shaving ice to truly be the finest, fluffiest and smoothest shaved ice you have ever tried.  Our syrups are all made fresh daily from pure non-GMO cane sugar and our Sweet Cream topping is made from scratch.  

We are just as passionate and fanatical about our other products.  Our smoothies are made from filtered water, fresh fruit  and fruit juices, and sweetened only with pure non-GMO cane sugar.  Our soft-serve ice cream comes in 3 flavors and is made fresh daily from scratch.  Our fresh fruit bowls are made to order using fresh fruit, organic Acai sorbet, and organic granola.  And, at select stores, we serve authentic Italian espresso and espresso drinks including ice cold Frappes.


At Big Easy Sno-Balls we believe the winning formula is comprised of 3 fundamental and vital ingredients; great products, helpful caring people, and a clean safe welcoming environment for everyone.



"If you are going to be in the customer service business, you better like people"

We are in fact in the people-pleasing business.  We are here to help brighten someone's day and we are here to provide comfort when they're hurt.  We most definitely are also here to have FUN and make FUN things to eat!  We like playing fun music, we encourage dancing and we absolutely love kids!  We are here to serve each other and to help each other succeed.  We are committed to excellence in all we do from our experienced Corporate Team down to our Sno-ristas.  Our core values are excellence, respect, diversity, courage, thoughtfulness, teamwork, and philanthropy.